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    Today, I get a new internet line, where are my dns2 and mail server.
    The question is what I have to change into master and this two servers?
    In ispconfig I get old sugest ip adresses.
    I changed in /etc/hosts on any server, in database I created new user with rights, but I don't see this changes in master server.
    Intern everything stay the same, only public adress is thus changed.

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  2. webguyz

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    •/etc/hosts file (if the hosts files on the other nodes contain this IP as well, then alter it there too).
    •The /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/ should contain the hostname, not the IP. So altering this file should not be required.
    •In the MySQL database on the master, there you can find the ispcsrv[ID] user that this slave uses to connect twice, once with the hostname
    (does not need to be altered) and once with the IP (needs to be altered). The best way is to use the user editor of phpmyadmin to do that as
    the permissions are a bit complicated and splitted to various sub tables and the user editor in phpmyadmin handles this for you so you,
    so just change the Ip with the user editor.
    •If this node is a web server and you used the IP instead of * in websites, then you have to change the IP in ispconfig under System > IP addresses
    (or better add the new one and leave the old one there until you changed the sites) and then select the new IP in all websites that use it.
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  3. Lupi

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    Thank's, done and everything works perfect. :)

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