New ISPConfig LDAP Auth backend server[testers required]

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by arvanus, Apr 20, 2022.

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    ISPConfig LDAP Auth backend server[testers required]

    Hello, I'm building a LDAP server that will communicate with ISPConfig 3 through remote API to authenticate with current e-mail/passwords. This way you can integrate all your company services with a single user/password for all your workers at your workplace :)
    For now, I need someone experienced with LDAP to help me improve and test, I was able to use my project with Redmine and Gitlab already, and I think it'll work with any other service capable to authenticate using a LDAP server.
    When ready I'll make available as a docker image, also it will be open-sourced as soon as possible

    *any coffee (or beer) is welcome :)
    Just clarifying, I'm not related to ISPConfig core devs or staff
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