New ISPConfig module for WHMCS

Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by cwispy, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Just to let others know, I started writing a module to replace the one referred to in this thread, and that I will be releasing it under GPL3.

    Its not all that far away from being finished right now, but it will need a lot testing by others to confirm that it is production ready.

    If you have any suggestions or if you are interested in further developing this module, please reply in this thread.

    I have been testing the module against WHMCS 5.3.10 and ISPConfig

    You can find the module here
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  2. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Since I own the commercial ISPconfig interface and its folder name is ispconfig as well is it going to confuse things?

    Do I need to remove the commercial version to install yours? Wish you had named it something other then ispconfig for those of us who have the commercial version of a similar module :-|
  3. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Its actually not all that hard to rename it. Just a matter of changing the function names and the folder it goes into. Maybe i'll change it to ispcfg3 instead.
  4. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I think renaming it would be a good idea. Otherwise those of use who bought the other package will have to do this every time a new version of your module comes out. I don't want to totally write off the other ISPCofnig version and would like to keep both theirs and yours on our system to do a side by side comparison.

  5. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    I just changed the name of it to ispcfg3. All that needs to be finished off now is the create function.
  6. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Thanks for changing the name. I'm sure more folks will be willing to give it a try knowing it won't be screwing up their current configurations in whmcs.
  7. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    hello i have instaled the module but i doit see the module in whmcs?
  8. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    If you have not already done so, rename the file to ispcfg3.php in the ispcfg3 folder. I will change the file name on the git repository.

    To avoid further confusion, I have moved the repository to the name ispcfg3
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  9. minimaLMind

    minimaLMind New Member

    Thanks for starting this, I've been wanting to do the same thing since the other one hasn't been updated and doesn't work anymore. I just forked it and look forward to contributing. I'm reworking my site and everything is in "test" mode so hopefully this can become a rock-solid module.
  10. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    another question I have a multie server setup but the mail domain is always created on the wrong server module that does this properly?

    great work thanks
  11. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Right now, the module does not create anything, the create function is not completed and will do nothing if run, however the other functions are all pretty much done.

    I am in the process of working out the logic on how to determine which server needs to used for each task in the multiple server setup.
  12. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    One of the things I really sat against the old module was that if a new hosting paket was created there always created a new user get on the server.

    For customers who have 20 website this is very awkward
  13. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    oke thanks
  14. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    If a customer has 20 websites wouldn't you just create a reseller account and add the resellers name to each client as it was created?

    Maybe add a field in the new module to ask if there is a reseller involved and if so then have the customer fill in that field and have the module add the reseller to the new client that's being created if it exists and is valid.
  15. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    No, the first time a customer already made to it, or you will have to choose that as a customer by customer whmcs get the server created a customer. with the old module is completely wrong when docked website under one customer name ispconfig
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  16. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    I have added this as a possible enhancement to the module. However initially I am more interested in just getting the module fully functional with basic requirements.
  17. thomasadams

    thomasadams New Member

    Hmm im just getting

    Module Create Failed - Service ID: 7 - Error: error

    whenever i try to create an order. :(
  18. MasteRTriX

    MasteRTriX Member

    Nice! Will install a dummy ispconfig to test this!!!!
  19. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    That would be because its not finished yet.
  20. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    I have just committed a working version of the module now. I have tested this version against the stock ISPConfig remote.conf.php and files.

    Anyone who can test in a test environment and report any errors would be appreciated.

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