New ISPConfig module for WHMCS

Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by cwispy, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    The module would setup two accounts in ispconfig. This is by design at this stage as I have still not worked out a way of creating all the accounts under a single account.

    I'm Australian.
  2. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    I have committed some changes for multiple servers in the limit template. It also checks for empty servers in the template and throws an error.
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  3. Nico14

    Nico14 New Member

    Will you add language module ? I could help you for french traduction.
  4. Nico14

    Nico14 New Member

    I tested.
    I get a bug when i want use the file manager
    The part of "login to" to access ispconfig control panel doesn't work too. May be, it will be great if we can desactive this option in the configuration (disable the display)

    If you need for information
  5. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Your whmcs server needs to be able to resolve the domain name to the ispconfig server so that it will work. I am trying to work out some way of enabling and disabling options in the client area.
  6. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Just a heads up for anyone who is hoping that the module would be completed before xmas, I am tied up on another job for the next month and will not have any time at all to devote to completing the module. Once I finish the job, I will be free to complete the module. I estimate that it will be about the end of January before its stable.
  7. mmidgett

    mmidgett Member

    I just installed the module and have it linked to the server with the webpage but under the groups I do not see any of the other servers to be added to the group. The connection to the server passes. I'm running WHMCS 7.4 and ispconfig 3.1.2.
  8. Jmlz

    Jmlz New Member

    Hi cwispy,
    When I delete the default ftp user and creat a new other user ftp, there is those error :

    the create ftp user works only if I do not delete the default user ftp.
    Can you see it ?
  9. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    I do not really understand what you are asking here? WHMCS only needs to see the ISPConfig server that has the web interface. WHMCS gets the other servers from the templates you configure on the ISPConfig server and map the product in whmcs to.

  10. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Hi INTC,

    I am not going to be able to look at this issue until after xmas due to being away on a project. I am only checking the forums every so often to see whats going on.

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  11. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    You only need the main server with web page in the server group. All other definitions like mail server, web server, db server, etc are done through Limit Templates in the Client section of the menu. Define a limit template and then add your slave servers for various service like mail,web,db there. This is working differently now then the original ispcfg3 where all servers were added thru the Server Group.
  12. mmidgett

    mmidgett Member

    Thank you for straightening me out on this... I know you said to not run it in production but I have to migrate a lot of accounts from my older web clusters as we have changed data centers. I'm hoping that I can at least get the clients entered and most of of the new accounts created. The migration of actual websites will be done later.
    I did notice that you specify a DNS template id, my ispconfig doesn't show id numbers for this. Am i doing something wrong again. I can look at the DB and find them if I'm not supposed to see them from the main web CP.
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  13. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    I have confirmed this is an issue. Now the problem will be that if we allow the user to remove the default account, the file manager will no longer work as it gets the username and suffix from WHMCS. I know I can get the user from ISPConfig, but I am not sure if I can get the decrypted password. I have fixed the issues for the moment, but I need to put some thought into how to handle the file manager issue.

    Happy to hear idea's anyone might have.
  14. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Your not doing anything wrong. Might need to add a feature request to get the dns template number shown on the page in ISPConfig.
  15. BenM

    BenM Member

    Hi Cwispy,
    Good work with the module, looks professional.
    I tested it with ISPConfig 3.1.10 and WHMCS Version: 7.4.1

    Do not receive a return with the e-mail while a mailbox has been created.
    is it also an idea to arrange the web forwards via this menu?

    Impressive work


  16. DaniU

    DaniU New Member

    Hi Guys,

    my Name is Daniel Ullrich. I am using this addon for WHMCS since October. Thanks for this great addon Cwispy.
    At the moment the autologin is not working anymore. If I click on the Login-Button in the ClientArea the login-page of ispcfg is showing up, but the login details are not entered. The weird thing is this just happens in Firefox. If I use Chrome everything is working fine. And the other thing is, I have not changed anything. The functions of the autologin in your git-repo have also not changed. I have compared an older version with the current one. In November it was still working fluently. Since December not. I would guess there was a change in firefox.
    Is anybody else facing the same problem? Thanks a lot.

  17. New Member

    Hi cwispy,
    Thank you very much for the great module. I have one question regarding DNS, after applying the change in ispconfig database it creates the records, but still I have a issue with {IP} field as it does not get filled and is transferred as a it is:
    Yes    A     mail     {IP}     0     3600    
    Yes    A     testocta.octa.     {IP}     0     3600    
    Yes    A     www     {IP}     0     3600    
    Yes    MX     testocta.octa.     mail.testocta.octa.     10     3600
    the template is as follows in ispconfig:

    TXT|{DOMAIN}.|v=spf1 mx a ~all|0|3600
    Thank you for any help I may get.
  18. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    Hi Daniel,

    There is 2 issues here. I noticed I have not updated the login links to get the custom port number if one is specified. I will commit a change for this soon.

    Secondly, I discovered that if I use SSL the automatic login works as expected, but if I do not use ssl the login does not work. This seems to be the same behaviour in both FF and Chrome. Can you confirm you are if using SSL or not?

  19. DaniU

    DaniU New Member

    Ok great thanks. But this is not really an issue for me as we use the standard port.

    I have always used SSL so far. So in FF with SSL its not working, in Chrome with SSL its working. Without SSL I haven't tried yet. Our ISPCfg-Server is configured to use only SSL-Ports and in production environment we will use SSL, so this option doesn't really matter for me.
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  20. cwispy

    cwispy Active Member

    I have committed a fix for the creation of the url in the module. It should not make any difference to the issue you noticed, but worth updating to it anyway.
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