New Server : Migrate Fedora 10 to Debian 6

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    I was searching the forums, but couldn't find an answer to my problem.

    I am migrating from ISP. With my current ISP I have an Fedora 10 server (32 Bit), and my new ISP supplies me with a Debian 6 64Bit server.
    On the new server I have already installed ISPConfig following the Perfect Server guide.

    Now I have the following question / challenge
    How can I move all data from the old to the new server?
    * ISP Config
    - Clients / resellers with passwords
    * Websites
    - Websites with data
    - FTP users
    - SSH users
    - SQL Databases (with users and passwords)
    * Mail data
    - Users && Passwords
    - Mail Config (forwarders, aliasses)
    - Relay Recipients
    - Email Routing
    - Mailfolder ( /var/vmail/* )

    I have arranged the following:
    Reduced TTL to 1 minute for DNS Records
    Informed my users about a downtime of about 4 hours
    The old server is completely updated to the latest versions
    Postfix config changes applied to the new server

    I hope someone can help me. The contract with the old ISP is still good for a month or two... So I have the time to test this.


    Bas Steelooper

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