new to linux installing mandrake 10.2

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jerrym, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. jerrym

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    hi guys am very very new to linux and am installing mandrake 2005 limited edition and its not the same as the screenshot displayed at the perfect setup for the mandrake 10.2 posted in the site
    after the first screenshot i get it as dos in text mode not the graphical but the bottom line i get the same option to fill and follow as the graphical setup but after finshing and exiting setup the system restart and it starts the boot loader with the options linux, failsafe , windows , windows1 . i choose linux and the system starts nad am asked to login i got the user name and password since i created them at the setup i log in but what next ?? isnt supose to be graphical interface ?? my question is how can i login to the graphical system ?
    am sorry for this stupied question but am really new to linux this is my first time ever
  2. till

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    The perfect setups are server setups, server setups normally does not include a graphical login.

    All steps in the howto after the basic installer is finished where done on the commandline.
  3. sarojaryal

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    hey i've got the solution

    I am a new linux user and i also got the same problem . And what i did was once again i formatted my Pc and installed linux but this time when it asked about a question relating to login as a server ....sth like that i checked NO. when i finished installing i got the graphical interface,

    i hope it will help

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