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  1. Kellie

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    Hi, I am currently taking an online course for cyber security and it seems no matter how much I read the book I still get stuck. Are there any tips or tricks that I can use to help me with the Linux program. Is there any software available that I can use with simulations to practice?
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  3. WolfGirl

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    Hey, Kellie! I'm new to Linux as well. I just started learning on New Years Eve. If you have the money, signing up for classes at your local community college may help. More importantly, practice makes perfect. Just keep using the commands and eventually they'll sink in; but I agree, it takes time and there are some things even I am having trouble remembering. I wish Linux was more straight forward, but I think it's rewarding to master something challenging. Keep going!

    And if it helps, YouTuber ProgrammingKnowledge has an excellent tutorial on Linux for Beginners. His videos really helped me out when I was taking a Digital Forensics class.
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  4. IT_computer_guy

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    Hello Kellie,
    I am also new to Linux and I am doing it in college right now as I am doing this message. I also find it hard to learn but I also find it a bit easier than learning programming like Java or Python. My only issue is that I would rather be in a classroom setting than doing the class online. I find that it is easier for me to visually see what is being done and follow it at the same time. My only question to a Linux user in this forum is Linux easier to learn for a beginner?
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    I'm also new to Linux, I see that it has a few versions out there is the best version to download and install.
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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to Linux systems and I am trying to obtain some guidance on how to best learn the operating system. What are some of the most important aspects of Linux that you need to know to use it similar to Windows 10 as a system administrator?
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    If you are going down a path of being a System Administrator then you might want to try learning Linux along side of Windows 10 and try to use as much of both Windows and Linux as possible. I am trying to get an Associates Degree in Information Technology in college. I am running Windows along side of having Linux in a VMware Program.
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  9. garagon

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    Thank you for your advice IT_computer_guy. I have already taken some classes on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. So I think what I learned from those classes will help me understand Linux. How did you manage to install Linux usuing a VMware?

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