Newb: How do I create a large pool of storage?

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    I need to create a massive (relatively! :) and expandable storage area for digital images with as much redundancy as practically possible. Ideally it would be accessed using eSATA but gigabit ethernet will do.

    I guess I'm trying to create my own local mini-cloud.

    I use an OSX client.

    Budget is tight! :)

    It's critical that the system never loses any data in the event of a disk/server failure.

    I was thinking of using microservers, each with three X 2TB disks set up using RAID 5.

    I can set up each individual server but how can I create the 'Pool'? I want to be able to access all the files apparently through one point, not have to browse separate servers.

    If I follow this howto using GlusterFs:

    can I simply create multiple versions of the server and have each instance seamlessly add to my pool of storage?

    Will GlusterFs automagically take care of my data should one server/disk fail?

    Is there an easier way to solve my problem?

    I'd be grateful for any pointers :)


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