Newbie: Creating a simple php form email, how?

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by mancho, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. mancho

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    Sorry if answered, I couldn't find it.

    I need to create a simple "send form" that processes an email (its sent to a remote listserv).

    I couldn't get it to work with this:

    $to = "[email protected]";
    $subject = "Baskins Email Signup";
    $from = "txtEmail";
    if (mail($to, $subject, $from)) {
    echo("<p>Message successfully sent!</p>");
    } else {
    echo("<p>Message delivery failed...</p>");

    What am I doing wrong? THe form is here:

    and posts to:

    thanks for any assistance. I'm using ISPConfig and I LOVE IT!

  2. New Member

    Maybe you don't have 'register_globals = On' in your php.ini, which would make this not work.

    However, you can access form variables with
    $txtEmail = $_GET['txtEmail'];
    // or
    $txtEmail = $_POST['txtEmail'];
    depending on the method of the form (default GET). You should use POST for a lot of data, so e.g. if you're sending a text-area values.

    The mail syntax looks right for me.
  3. falko

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  4. themachine

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    Yes, Falko is right... the following is the basic usage of mail():

            $my_addy = "[email protected]";
            $to_addy = "[email protected]";
            $subject = "Test Subject";
            $message = "Test Message";
            $headers = "From: $my_addy \r\n";
            $headers .= "Reply-To: $my_addy \r\n";
            $headers .= "Return-Path: $my_addy \r\n";
            mail ($to_addy,$subject,$message,$headers);

    If you wanted to check the return of mail(), you could make it:

    if(mail($to_addy,$subject,$message,$headers)) {
            print "Mail sent OK";
    } else {
            print "Mail did not send properly";

    But this is only checking whether "mail()" returned without error.... it has nothing to do with whether the email got anywhere successfullly.

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