Newbie having difficulties installing Linux 1st time

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by t-kiss, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Hello, world!

    That's about all I know about programming, heh heh.

    I am trying to install Debian on Shuttle XPC (Shuttle I, I think). I have faced several problems, and every time I try to reinstall it, problems seem to go even worse. I am slowly getting frustrated after trying like 20 installs in two weeks or so. So, if you can tell me about next things, or help me where to look at. I have read some of Debian 3.1 GNU/Linux Bible, but it's like hebrew to me, and doesn't tell too much about following problems I am having:

    Oh, what I want is a computer to use (VoIP/surfing/email/MP3/dvd-burner/movies) kind of multimedia desktop with least extra confusing elements.

    1. Which kernel to choose? 386 or 686, and which version of those?

    After that...

    2. Debian or Ubuntu for newbie like me?

    I had 1st 3 CD's of Debian sarge, and got GNOME up and running, but after I connected to web and reinstalled there (tried to fix totally wrong screen resolutions by reinstalling), and then trying to install Kubuntu, I have only had problems and I've been unable to start any GUIs. Xserver or something is not working. Seems every time I try something else, I seem to break new things. Can you help me little here? Please! :(

    Thanks in advance!
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    Wich kernal did you pick?

    From what ive seen (i googled you're pc) you should be using the i386 (i believe you called it the 386).
    If you chose the 686, you WILL encounter problems as the linux distro tries to execute shells and scripts that were made for the NEWER 686 architecture...



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