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  1. Freeisforme

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    Ok, so I set up the Perfect Setup : Ubuntu, and everything is ok, I can log on to ISPconfig using, and thats all fine. But one thing I really never understood throughout the whole setup is what is my public IP address? I would like for people to be able to connect to my site, and I really dont understand this. I looked around the forum but couldnt find anything, so if it has been answered a million times im sorry. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciate, thanks.
  2. zcworld

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    your public IP is
    the one that your ISP gives you , when you connect to the next
    WAN IP : is my public IP( just an demo)

    think of it this way : the public IP is just an phone number
    anyone can call it to get to you :)
  3. falko

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    You can find out your current public IP address by visting that web site:
    If you have a dynamic IP address, it will change every 24 hours. If you don't want to look up your IP address each 24 hours, you could use a service like and get a domain name that points to your public IP.

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