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Discussion in 'General' started by NewbieUser, Mar 13, 2006.

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    I recently setup a test server using Debian 3.1 and followed the 'Perfect Setup" tutorial. The software installed without major problems. I then installed ISPConfig and entered my local IP address since this server is still a test box. I am able to log onto the server with ISPConfig but can not access any tools or information regarding the server or its configurations such as adding users etc. Do I need to reinstall with our servers host and domain names or can I reconfigure my setup to allow me to get past the general statstic page that is presenetly all I can see.

    Many thanks from a new linux user trying to move from MS 2003.
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    Thank you for your rapid response. Unfortunately I can not find a line similar to one you directed me to in my file. I do note that my server name is correctly logged in the file. If this section is missing should I perform a reinstall?
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    I guess you're not using the newest version 2.2.0? Because has changed there.

    So you're sure you're having the correct URL in that file?

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