nginx and phpmyadmin - connection timed out

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by elBradford, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. elBradford

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    I followed the Perfect Server tutorial for ispconfig3 on LEMP and Ubuntu 14.04. I got ispconfig to work properly, however phpmyadmin doesn't work.

    Going to http://my.server:8081/phpmyadmin just times out with no error. It's as if the server doesn't respond. Trying any of the other app addresses (like squirrelmail) works as expected. No log files are written while it times out. I just can't figure it out!

    Thanks for any help you can provide,

  2. srijan

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    Post the error in /var/log/nginx/error.log
  3. elBradford

    elBradford New Member

    No new errors are written to any log while the connection is timing out. There are some errors in there about "can't connect to local MySQL server through socket' which was unrelated and fixed with a simple 'service mysql restart'.

    But there are no errors, which is baffling. :confused::confused::confused:
  4. srijan

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    Select No when asked to reconfigure the database. Then when asked to choose apache2, make sure to hit space while [ ] apache2 is highlighted. An asterisk should appear between the brackets. Then hit Enter. Phpmyadmin should reconfigure and now http://localhost/phpmyadmin should work.
  5. elBradford

    elBradford New Member

    Interesting - the tutorial I followed explicitly stated to select neither apache or lighttpd. I'll give this a try when I get home tonight and report back. Thanks.
  6. elBradford

    elBradford New Member

    Thanks for the tip but that didn't work. The behavior is the same, and no error written to the log. After about 10 seconds, it times out.
  7. elBradford

    elBradford New Member

    It looks like 8081 isn't responding. Is IPTABLES locking it down by default? This is on a remote server. I verified that tcpdump is silent whenever I make an 8081 requests.

    Edit: I was wrong - port 8081 is open. But when I make a 8081 request to http://DOMAIN:8081/phpmyadmin, I seee no packets on TCP dump. Any 8080 request floods the output of tcpdump. And netstat reveals a listener on 8081 just as there is one on 8080.
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  8. elBradford

    elBradford New Member

    I have reinstalled everything, following the Perfect Server tutorial to the letter. Still, connection timed out on port 8081/phpmyadmin.
  9. elBradford

    elBradford New Member

    This is driving me crazy. My VPS host claims they don't block any ports. 8080 and 8081 both show as open on

    I monitor the traffic on port 8081 with the command

    tcpdump -v port tproxy
    It's silent when I try to browse to my site http://domain:8081/ANYTHING (phpmyadmin, webmail, whatever)

    When I telnet and send random data to it from another, I see the traffic in tcpdump. It has got to be something stupidly simple but I can't see it.
  10. elBradford

    elBradford New Member

    Well, I knew it was something stupidly simple.

    I have recently upgraded my network firewall to one that is locked down tight. It blocks every outgoing port unless it is explicitly allowed. It's such a different security mindset that I often don't even think to look at my firewall for OUTBOUND rules.

    Anyway, that was it, it works now. What a waste of time.

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