Nginx fails to work as a reverse proxy sever

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    Matrix Synapse homeserver is installed on my VPS running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS thanks to following Howtoforge tutorial, but NGINX (configured as a reverse proxy server) does not work as it should, although I proceeded as show STEP 5 :

    URL to connect my Matrix Synapse homserver is such like’, but when trying the connection the browser only displays the 'WELCOME TO NGINX‘ page, instead of the login page (chat app) ; although :

    Matrix Synapse is well started and running
    DNS zone on my VPS now comes with this ‘A‘ entry pointing my Synapse homeserver : (www) through IPV4 address

    For now, I am installing ISPConfig 3 / Apache 2 on the same VPS, hoping that creating the website for ‘‘ was a missing step, or that some parameters or server directives may be set from the website ‘option‘ tab to allow Nginx to work as a reverse proxy server….

    Any help in this matter is welcomed !

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