nginx proxy cache and raspberry pi

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    Hello everyone, I have a home webserver with 4 core Xeon (3k series), 8 GB RAM. I am using it to host a couple of websites with ISPConfig and nginx all is working great, but I am wondering is it possible to add a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B to this setup to increase 1 website's performance? My idea is when the server does not have same content in it's cache to proxypass it to the Pi (if he has it in it's cache), otherwise load it from the server. Has anyone done something similar? I know the Pi has low resources, but a little more help won't be bad plus it would be fun to learn new stuff. Or this is a bad idea? :>
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    I recently discover about Raspberry Pi 3 (and Odroid XU2/4) too and it seems able to run Debian / Ubuntu (even PBX Fax Server). I think it is good and you should try it out as your (mini) support web server though I don't really think it will increase your website performance that much. Maximizing your ram and changing to SSD, on the other hand might improve your website's performance better than that.
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    Well sadly all the sata ports are used on the board (intel S3000AHLX, running raid 10), so adding a SSD should be with PCIe, that option is kinda expensive for me atm. I know the performance with the Pi wont be much, I am just hoping to increase it a little bit or atleast spread the load a little. THe only thing I am afraid of slowing it down, so If anyone has tried something like this please share, and thanks for all the replies.

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