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    Hi All,

    I am setting up a VPS for serving PHP pages for an charity auction which has no budjet to hire a systemadmin, so i am working for them. Though i am good in php but a complete novice in systemadmin.

    We have a website in complete PHP, created in MVC framework, and as this would be an auction site i expect frequent peek usage. So i found that Nginx is good for serving static pages.

    But as our pages are in Php so can we use Nginx? If yes, what will be procedure.

    I need to configure and optimize and install SSL certificates, mysql, nginx, mail server, ftp server, and php for the best performance and security possible on an open source platform.
    Create a simple plugin for Webmin (or use one that's already created) to view, control, and monitor nginx.
    following plugins need to be enabled::

    And optimize the website for the best performance. Plz help me in this.

    Thank you!
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