No images (gd broken since PHP 7.1.0 ?)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Hbod, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Hbod

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    I am running ISPConfig 3.1.5 with multiple PHP Versions. Everything was working so far, I was able to compile like 20 PHP Versions since ever then (using ISPConfig many years now), till I reached vesion 7.1.X (7.0.9 without any problems, currently stuck there).

    Every Version (and I followed the tutorials EXACTLY) after 7.0.9 is broken when it comes to images. I can't create any thumbnails, it doesn't matter if I am on Typo3, Wordpress, Redaxo. Everey image thumb I try to create ends in a memory error. If I switch back to my compiled version 7.0.9 it works perfectly. The logs just tell me memory limit exceeded, but thats just nonsense (32GB on a 3MB image)...

    What shall I try or do to debug this? I am stuck on this old PHP 7 Version because of this. I restarted server, reinstalled the jpg packages etc.. What can be wrong?

    I am on Debian Jessie (already using newer Apache2 Version with HTTP 2.0 support, sure this shouldn't matter)
  2. ahrasis

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    I have no problem with php 7.1 so I 'd suggest to try recompiling it again.
  3. Hbod

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    Guess what... I did that with PHP 7.1.12, 13 and I am not unexperienced. It just don't create any images. I recompiled multiple times. I don't find any simple way to trace the problem...
  4. ahrasis

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    Sighed. Can you check whether you have php7.1-gd properly compiled? Because my wordpress images do work fine with php7.1. Do report your issue to php7.1 if you think your compilation is already proper.

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