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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by scabpicker, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. scabpicker

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    I am unable to get ISPConfig to bring up the login page on port 81, I can connect to the server, but it always brings up the Fedora Core Test page. I believe that I have followed the Howto on setting up the install on FC6 properly, but this has not worked so far. The setup script does not generate errors, and I see no errors in /var/log/ispconfig_install.log. I imagine that it is not creating an entry that it needs to in httpd.conf, or one of its includes. Does anyone have any pointers on where I should look?
  2. till

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    The fedora server never listens on port 81. Are you really sure you used a URL in the form of:

    to connect to the controlpanle and not without the :81?
  3. scabpicker

    scabpicker New Member

    Yes, I am certain. I even did a GET manually through telnet to make sure I was not getting a cached response. It's still the Fedora Test page.

    But....I just figured out my problem. The customer I was setting this up for (or the installer, or the CIA, but not me), put a Listen line in the regular httpd.conf, which was making the ISPConfig server not start. Start the ISPConfig server by itself, then the regular httpd server, and it works.

    Thanks to everyone who at least viewed this, sorry for boring your eyeballs.

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