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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Xase, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Xase

    Xase Member

    Used servisys installer script... Got this result... So scrapped install and used perfect server. Same result.
    Ubuntu 18.04
    Ispconfig 1.3.13p1

    I thought second install was broken as well... Until I rotated ports and tried accessing it remotely, which works.

    So the symptoms are we cannot access at which is correct local ip... But we can access it fine from outside ip/

    Also I cannot seem to access ftp locally but set up the passive port ranges. What is the primary way to use ftp on the same local network as an isp config install... Or even proper way to sftp. Creating a shell user seems to only chroot it to a sub directory. Can a client's user name be used as an sftp account for all domains under that user?
  2. Taleman

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    So the host is a multi-homed host?
    Have you configured FTP server to listen on both interfaces?
    ISPConfig creates shell users per website, so one user can access only that one website.
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  3. Xase

    Xase Member

    No sir. Perhaps I should be a bit more verbose.
    We figured out the FTP issue actually, connecting via ftp on the works fine it seems. As well as I can connect effectively from whatever domain I need plus user and password, though with creating an ftp user.
    are you saying the web# client usernames can be used as ssh logins? for a given website... so whatever number site corresponds can be used as that SFTP login? Is the password the same as the owner client account? I am not sure where a password gets set on a per user basis, save for making an ftp user explicitly.

    We are not multi homed ((yet), we plan on putting a second server in Georgia USA and making it so that they compliment each other yet not a direct mirror, don't know how well that'll work yet.) We are using a paid reseller club server, that has a working mail server, that we'd like to route all mail from our ISPConfig local setup in Ohio USA through the reseller club server. We don't currently have business class internet so no static allowed to mail IPs are available. I assume there's a trick using even if there's not a direct way just to mail from one server to another. I have entered my super neat domain into their database as to make it more accessible for me to use, and I think that further complicates things, until I lower my novice status a bit and become a little more intermediate

    I guess I'll try SFTP access and see if I can get it to work for myself. I will report back shortly.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Correct, that's how it works. You can connect with any IP or any domain which points to your server by FTP, using the FTP username and password that you created for a website. What matters for granting access to the right site is the FTP username and password, not the IP or hostname.

    no. If you want to connect with an SSH cleint to a website, then you'll need to create a shell user for that site in ISPConfig.
  5. Xase

    Xase Member

    Hmm... so I must create a shell user for SFTP? That seems weird, I only want to easily SFTP, but cannot seem to figure out how to connect a specific user via SFTP. (Nevermind, my compadre just solved this)
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  6. Xase

    Xase Member

    Wow... I must have been out my mind when I wrote this request... my actual issue is, we can't even connect to ISPConfig from Local IP... only External.
    SFTP was secondary problem.
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    SFTP = SSH
    FTPS (secure FTP over SSL/TLS) = FTP

    I would recommend using FTPS and for FTPS, you need an FTP user.
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  8. Xase

    Xase Member

    Okay, thanks, it is sorted then :)

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