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    It looks like errors can be reported in her, but if not, I'm sorry! :oops:

    Is it normalt that (new) resellers doesn't get any servers assigned? (Clients do!)
    I have done a single server setup (test server) and my first reseller (C1) didn't get any (the only) server assigned.
    I had to assign the server to the reseller by myself (as admin) on all services (Web, Email, XMPP, Database & DNS) under "Client/Edit Reseller/CLIENT/Limits".

    It dosen't bother me that much, so It's just to let you know if the resellers also should get a server automatically assigned. :)

    ## UPDATE ##
    When typing the topic, i accidentally mixed clients and resellers... :confused:

    I also forgot to mention that I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS with latest ISPConfig 3.1.3, I'll guess (Installed for a couple of days ago.)
    (Can't find any version info in the interface, other that "3.1dev" in the tab-name in my browser.)
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