Noob Apache or Bind9 Problem

Discussion in 'General' started by baralak, Aug 19, 2009.

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    I have installed ispconfig several times, but I have a new problem that I have never had... for some reason my domains will resolve to and open it will resolve but will not open I checked the dns and everything looks right there.

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    Make sure that when setting up your dns master that you do it as follows:

    Domain (SOA) = your domain name
    IP Address = your external ip address

    Options tab should have your name servers, mine show
    which are also set up at my domain registrar

    Records tab
    click new (A record)
    host name = blank
    ip address = your external ip address

    click new (A record)
    host name = www
    ip address = your external ip address

    When you build a site

    host name = www
    domain = your domain
    ip address = your internal ip address
    tick box create dns

    which should create a blank host name so you could access your site like so

    the first host name of www creates one so you could reach your site like


    Hope this helps

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