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    O K. i got the install done. Ubuntu 8.04.1 perfect server with ISPConfig-2.2.25
    logged on from my windows comp on the network.
    that is the good news.......

    my next question/problem...... i can not access the server by name, only by ip address....... any suggestions. do i need to set up a nameserver for my network?

    also, i added a gateway through the server for my network. dont know that i did that the best way. but it is working, i uncommented a line to /etc/syscl.conf, net.ipv4.conf.default.forwarding=1, I THINK, ya im pretty sure that is what i did. is this the best way, is it secure?

    then i set up dhcp3. and that is working well also.

    any advice would be great.

    tia.... mike
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    Unless your server's name and IPAddress are on your ISP's DNS, you will need to set up an internal DNS server. If your Domain and Server IP Address are on the ISP's DNS and you set up more internal servers you will also need an Internal DNS Server.

    If you have a Registered Domain with your ISP, you can maybe create a sub-domain and get your ISP to point the nameserver to EveryDNS nameserver (that's if you have a static IP Address) If you have a dynamic IP Address then use something like DynDNS.

    I don't know Ubuntu, only Red Hat, Fedora, and SuSE, but the priciples are the same.

    How to setup DNS on Ubuntu is better asked to Ubuntu people!

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