not different Folder / File owner for Apache ?

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by sence123, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. sence123

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    is it possible to setup ispconfig3 with equal owners for the Folders and the Files ? it would be much easier to to create Highavailiblity cuz there is no need to must have the same users on both systems ?

    The access is restricted by FTP for Parent Folders, and if no execution Bit is set no one can execute PGM´s.


    When using multiple Setup with glusterfs, i saw that someone complain it with 2 different Mysql databases for each node. If alle Users use the same Database, setup and configuration is much easier and if the Master goes down, every Client can configure his Application ahead.

    Is it possible to do it with ispc.3 ?

  2. till

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    Looks as if you have not setup your ha setup correctly, as the mirror function that is builtin to ispconfig takes care about creating the website users on all slave servers in the ha setup. You should take a look into the multiserver / mirror setup guide.

    Every node needs its own mysql db to create a ha setup. Your setup with just one mysql install would introduce a single point of failure.

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