Nothing works, everything is offline

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Lurk3r, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Lurk3r

    Lurk3r New Member

    I am using ubuntu 8.04 and I used the perfect server setup. I am a bit inexperienced with linux so you will have to bare with me.

    I was able to install ISPconfig without any issues but nothing seems to work in the control panel.

    When I try to make a site, and hit next, nothing happens. The page just refreshes. Any ideas?
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  2. MiniMe

    MiniMe Member

    i dno about ispconfig, but did you install mysql server, apache2 , php, vsftpd / proftpd and such ?

  3. Lurk3r

    Lurk3r New Member

    Okay, I got them all online. I misspelled localhost in /etc/hosts. I fixed that and it seems to work. Everything came online but now I still cant add websites.
  4. Lurk3r

    Lurk3r New Member

    I think I got it working. Thanks again!

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