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  1. dgeho1

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    I currently have two mirrored servers running email, web, and DNS on ISP Config 3.05sp3 on Debian Squeeze.,

    I have not implemented them for handling the DNS of the websites they are hosting.

    They are currently on the same network in the same building.

    I am opening a business office in a separate location across town.

    I want to have a server at the new location as a backup, and secondary DNS box.

    Am I better to just move the existing secondary box to the new location, or build a new (third) box and have it setup to mirror the primary?

    In either case, how tricky is it keep the DB's synced, as well as the webcontent (via unison currently)
  2. till

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    The database sync and filesystem sync requires a high bandwitdth. It is generally possible to do what you want to achieve but most of these setups I've seen are extremly slow or fail, so I wont recommend that if you dont have a highspeed connection like 1GB connection between your offices.
  3. dgeho1

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    Good info.

    So as far as having a Secondary DNS server on it's own Public IP, (do I even need it on it's own public IP?)

    Is it really needed to have the secondary DNS (or in this case mirror of all) on it's own public IP?

    and if so, how do I accomplish this without running to bandwidth problems with sync?

    I am assuming that DNS was built into ISPConfig for good reason.. vs using an external registrar's NS boxes.
  4. till

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    Secondary dns will not cause any bandwidth problems as as they exhange only the config data which are just a few kbyte overall in size. If you use the internal DNS from ispconfig or the external one from your isp is equal. ISPConfig is a provider tool, so it has to offer dns servces so that a provider can offer this to his clients. If you just run a few domains for your own server and dont want to provide dns services to your clients, then you can use the dns of your provider as instead of the dns in ispconfig.
  5. dgeho1

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    So if I wanted to offer DNS I could just build another ISPConfig box with DNS only, set it to mirror my primary, and have it offsite?

    Is this difficult?

    what about DB sync?
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  6. till

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    No. Just use the install instructions for a dns node of the multiserver guide:

    so ist even easier then installing a standalone server.

    ispconfig takes care about that mysql replication required.

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