old users remains... some way to prpoer cleanup?

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    Hi again forum!

    I'm on the way on testing a cluster whit nginx/galera/MariaDB which promises to be fantastic... but my tests are often not so fantastic and problemas arise:

    Due to DataBase tuning tests, it seems I have created some inconsistency between users/sites present on the database and entries on /etc/shadow /var/www/clients.....

    I noticed something wrong as my experiemental ftp users could not connect, so after recheck ftp server wich was perfectly running, I realized something wrong with either user permissions, database misbehaviour or both.
    I returned back to previous DB config on all nodes, restarted DB on all nodes, erased users/sites and everything worked again: new ftp users can connect to new sites.

    Remains but of the battle seems to be scattered on the battlefield...
    I got a couple webX folders that do not correspond to anything visible on the GUI. these folders do have links on them pointing to doamins like this:

    ls -l /var/www/clients/client3
    testsite.example.es -> /var/www/clients/client3/web7/

    ls -l /var/www do not have any entry pointing to testsite.example.es

    same occurs with two other orphan webX folders.
    I have checkd IDs carefully everywhere on the GUI and I think those folders are like orphan but I do not want to delete those folders manually... there may be someway more elegant to proceed.

    Any how, the fact that during testing new DB config sites and cluster node states keeped working makes me think that my FTP connecting problem may be unrelated to DB...and my reactions made things worse, tomorrow I will check if the problem is related with sites/FTP users is related with they being created by clients, resellers or admin... but I do not know where to look for the difference.

    Maybe some of you can put somo light on all this! :)
    Than you very much in advance... best regards!

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