One Database server(with slave) for all Ispconfig?

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  1. rob_morin

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    Hello all, currently we are a multi server setup, and all is working just perfect.
    We have a Web server(web2), MySQL server(mysql2), mail server(mail2), Backup mx & secondary DNS(mx2) and a third DNS & mx server(mx3)
    All work in PERFECT sync!

    Now we are to migrate and update our servers to a new datacenter. I was wondering do we need to have mysql server running on all these servers, or can we have one main myslq server with a master-master setup instead? As we wanted to have both mysql serves use SSDs fro ispconfig DB and all others too.

    Thanks & have a great day!
  2. till

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    Each ispconfig node should run its own MySQL instance as this guarantees fault tolerance (switching off a node does not affect any other node) and ispconfig uses MySQL as local config cache, so the overall setup is faster than using one central db server which can become the bottleneck easily.
  3. rob_morin

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    Thanks for prompt reply
    So each server is a copy of the master(web2 in my case)? So for the mx backups i should be sending mysql postfix lookups to localhost rather than to my mail server then? Sounds cool if so.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Not a full copy, the slaves have only the records that are required for their local services.

    You can have multiple mail servers in mirror mode that mirror each other and then you can send email to any of these mirrored mail nodes, but you can not e.g. send email to a dns server as he is not running a smtp or imap server and does not has any mail related records in the database, so he will not be able to handle any emails.
  5. rob_morin

    rob_morin Member

    Ok thanks, i will test this out...

    Have a great day!

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