One DNS for private and public zones

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    It's a common challenge for network admins to want a local DNS for LAN addressing ('host1' =, with the same DNS resolving public queries for to The reason for this is to eliminate the need to go into each system and update /etc/hosts when a new system is added to the network.

    This HowToForge article is from 2006. Original source. Is this still valid for 2022?

    Can ISPConfig help with configuration of BIND Views and Zone ACLs?
    If so, would we put configuration data in ISPConfig custom config files rather than /etc/bind/* ?
    And are there any examples for doing this specifically with ISPConfig?

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    I don't think that this is necessary as additional config files do not cause any issues. But instead of editing named.conf.local, you better use your own config file and include that into the bind main config as named.conf.local would get overwritten by ISPConfig unless you put your changes also in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf-custom/bind_named.conf.local.master file. or if you donÄt want to use ISPConfig for DNS at all on this system, then do not configure DNS in ISPConfig, in this case it#s safe to edit named.conf.local directly.

    I'm not aware of any.

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