openoffice comaptibility with windows MSoffice

Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by sailu_mvn, Nov 24, 2005.

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    I have used openoffice(1.1.3/1.9.96/1.9.104/2.0).
    These are the issues i feel to be sorted out with regards to the MS office compatibility with openoffice

    1. In the openoffice-calc(Spreadsheet) If u format ur cells(border them), and save the document, send it to a windows machine and try to open the file, all the data is fine. but the cells around become blank(looks like a white page). it looks very horrible. why is this happening? What happened to the cells which were there?

    2. And one other thing is CELL BORDERING. If I border the cell in Openoffice-Calc(cell border size from 1.5,2.0), i cant see the border in MS office. it appears as a dotted line. why?
    if i give cell border above 2points, its visible in MS office. In openoffice if its more dark, much thick, then in MSoffice its normal....
    Whats the thing thats making this happen.

    I am using openoffice since long time. On the long run, it really bug you if u go into the details much.
    editing , cut, copy, paste things happen normally.

    Is there anyone who could help me out witha solution or a reason why this is happening?
    whats making all of a sudden Openoffice Buggy?

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    I think it's normal that your documents look different in OpenOffice and MS Office because MS hasn't revealed the format of MS Office documents. That's why the OpenOffice programmers have to re-engineer it. They do their best, but of course they can't do it perfectly without the cooperation of MS.
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    URGENT :::how to open the uploaded OpenOffice SpreadSheet in Windows

    Hi frnds,
    i have one doubt regarding SpreadSheet Opening in Windows Platform.
    Can u clarify it?

    i uploaded a OpenOffice SpreadSheet (.sxc)in windows platform .now i want to download that file. But when I click that download link of that file .it is not opening ,in the particular correct xls(Spreadsheet) format.
    its opening that file with some mixing of junk values. i saved that file as .sxc format before uploading .

    But if i renamed that file as .xls extension means then i can easilly Upload and downloding also done properly.
    Its opening the file in Correct format .any one can you clarify this doubt Urgently and send me the code (java Script code)

    My Scritp code is:
    <SCRIPT type=\"text/javascript\">

    var tempstr;
    function call_XLfun(S){
    var theSpreadsheet = new ActiveXObject(\"Excel.Application\")");
    var theBook = theSpreadsheet.Workbooks.Open(tempstr)");

    with thanx and especting quick reply,

    Ramesh P
    [email protected]
  4. falko

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