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    I just installed openvz on a Ubuntu 14.04 host. I followed this tutorial:
    Everything seems to be working ok - I already installed an ISPConfig Server in a Container, and tested most functions. Only the Firewall gives me some troubles. When I enable the Firewall over the ISPConfig Interface in the OpenVZ Container, I can't execute apt-get update inside the container for example. There seems to be some problem with the firewall configuration - and I think I already found a first indicator:
    On my other hosts (debian wheezy) I could just enable the Firewall-capabilities for the container by executing the following on the host:
    vzctl set xxx --netfilter full --save
    However when I do that on my ubuntu 14.04 host I get the following:
    "vzctl: unrecognized option '--netfilter'"

    I don't find anything on the net regarding this problem. Any ideas where this could come from, and how to fix it?
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