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    I have Server with following specifications & 4 IPS
    Intel Core i7-4770 Quadcore processo
    32 GB
    2 TB SATA

    I have created 3 VPS and one host as per Tutorial

    All the installation process went well but Need help on VM Template Values

    I want to have following for each VPS

    Diskpspace : 500GB
    RAM ( Gua) : 8 GB
    RAM (B) : 10 GB
    CPU UNITS : ?
    CPU Number:?
    CPU Limit % : ?
    I/O Priority : ?

    In advanced settings I have mentioned unlimited for all except four

    My question is

    Can I put "unlimited" for following
    RAM ( Gua) : Unlimited
    RAM (B) : Unlimited
    CPU UNITS : Unlimited
    CPU Number: Unlimited
    CPU Limit % : Unlimited
    I/O Priority : Unlimited

    or if some one can give me the values

    CPU UNITS : ?
    CPU Number:?
    CPU Limit % : ?
    I/O Priority : ?

    based on the server specs mentioned in the beginning

    I do have ISPconfig manual but not able to understand these hardware specs

    Please help

    If I am given these values then I am really done with this

    Thanks & regards,


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