Oracle-Virtualbox USB troubles

Discussion in 'Technical' started by VE4PER, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Host Linux Mint 17 Guest WinXPproSP3
    Host recognizes and mounts all USB devices correctly; Guest(neither does 'usbview' pgm) does not. Tried with filters for each device & extra blank USB filter for those not seen in cmd line usb device listings. installed the extras as well as guest additions; unsuccesful.
    guest does not recognize ipod, USB tuner card (except when a basic webcam is plugged in it recognizes both as webcams ONLY so software for tuner won't access the tuner card), or any USB storage drives. stopgap for files is to use a machine network share common to host and guest. Does not recognize smartphone USB as phone or storage device.

    program USBview also does not work in Mint host. After much research as well as checks on OracleVBOX, Mint & Ubuntu 12.04 &up forums (unable to provide a workable solution) it appears the later versions of linux hosts have changed the way they work with usbfs from what OracleVirtBox and usbview were designed to work with under previous linux versions.

    Has anybody got any idea how or what is needed to be done to correct this oversight? or is it an oversight?

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    You need to download VM Virtualbox extension pack, after installing extention pack rboot the system and check the option to recognize the USB in Guest machine.

    Extention pack URL

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