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    I have to problems to solve:

    1. I have some web pages installed from package (i.e. phpmyadmin). They are placed in /usr/share. Is there a way to change original ispcondig path when creating web in ispc panel to /usr/share??? Other method maby?

    2. This problem stays since the beginning. I'd like to give an "vacation" option for a single e-mail user. For now the only way is to log in to the panel with access to all accounts to set vacation. Is it possible to a single user?

    Thanks in advance
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    You can set a custom DocumentRoot in the apache directives field but this would make not much sense as the permissions of the packages in /usr/local do not match the ones of the ispconfig website so you would have to use mod_php as php mode and that's insecure. Better install software into an ispconfig website to get a secure system.

    A single user login exists in all ispconfig vrsions, simply login with the email address and password of the mail account into ispconfig.
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    Thank You. Second works fine :). About first... what do you mean "nstall software into an ispconfig"? Can I install i.e. phpmyadmin, squirreltail etc. "inside" isco?

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