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    I have issue with OTRS version 6 which is running on ubuntu 16.04.
    OTRS didn't fetch the mail properly whenever i tried to fetch the mail it through below error

    " OTRS-otrs.Console.pl-MaintpostMaster::MailAccountFetch-77[5799]: [Error][Kernel::System:daemonModules::BaseTaskWorker::_HandleError][Line:52]: There was an error executing Execute() in Kernel::System::Console::Command::MainpostMaster::MailAccountFetch: Error: Timeout of 600 seconds reached, killing child process!"

    I tried below steps:
    1.Tried to reconfigure fetchmail:bin not success
    it's in default value /usr/bin/fetchmail
    2.Tried to add new param in Daemon: "ArtticlIndex rebuild" add new param "--force-pid"
    3.Restart the server from remote console

    How to fix this issue? please guide me on this.
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