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    Please forgive me if this is answered elsewhere and I have missed it. I did search several ways and cannot quite get ahold of how to do this.
    I have ispconfig3 running on Perfect Server, Centos 7.4, postfix, dovecot, amavisd, etc.
    Recently we had an email user password sniffed or somehow compromised and the spammers sent some tens of thousands of spam emails before we caught it. Result is some blocking which is fair and predictable.
    The event caused me to consider outgoing email filtering. I thought amavisd did scan outgoing email but I am not sure if it is helping when an authenticated user sends some thousands of emails in minutes. I guess I expected that the emails would either be quarantined or trashed but they got through.
    So my question is, how do I configure postfix / amavisd to stop the spam before it is queued and alert me that there is an event? Do I need to add something like mailscanner or set up an email server using Scrollout F1 separately?
    My goal here is to stop some client who gets a virus / trojan or whose password is sniffed out from sending thousands of spam through our email server and getting us blocked by hotmail etc.
    THANK YOU for any help, I appreciate ispconfig 3 very much and the enormous work you all have done.
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