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    Stupid me, did it again! - Even after a "rsync -a" backup... :p
    But due to an NFS backup location and my stupidity, I also got the ownerships changed there as well.

    I accidentally changed the the ownership of whole "/var/www" to "www-data" and there is now no access to any websites, FTP or even the ispconfig interface....... (error 500)

    I have tried to change the ownership of "/var/www/clients/client_1/web_1" to "web1:client1", without any luck...
    So... Am I looking at a new installation? :(

    I'm running version 3.1.1p1, if that makes any difference.

    ### UPDATE ###
    Okay... The worst is over, after I finally managed to get access to the ISPConfig interface and all websites...
    There were an error with reading data from the FastCGI server.

    Now I just need to know the right ownerships/permissions for all folders.
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    Well... While I were preparing me on a new server setup, I actually did a quick one...
    I then got the idea that I just could create a test user, domain, etc...
    So here's the original ownership and permission on the whole "/var/www" folder! :D (Attached as a .PDF-file)

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    how? I'm having the same problem here. I changed permissions to /var/www/ and ma ISPC site stopped working. What should I do?
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    Change them back so they are what they are supposed to be. @NO^DICKHILL was kind enough to provide a listing of the owners and permissions.

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