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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Don Gould YourNet, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Don Gould YourNet

    Don Gould YourNet New Member

    I have set up ISPConfig3 on Debian.
    I have most things, mostly working.
    I purchased the manual (though I'm not actually sure where I saved the PDF I downloaded!), I purchased billing option (and have installed it.
    As you can see, I got the package installer working, I can set up wordpress. It complains that CURL isn't installed so I can't add plugins.
    I don't have SSL set up. I've set up Let'sEncrypt before (and even written wrapper scripts for another control panel), but I can't figure out how I'm meant to set it up here.
    I have the mail system set up, I even did the upgrade to put rspamd in, but I don't have the SSL working. However I don't understand how email lists work (I can see how a mail group works).
    * SSL - LetsEncrupt etc
    * Mail SSL and groups
    * Help with setting up the billing software
    I want someone to help set up the bits I'm lost on. I don't have a huge budget (I only have half a dozen customers on the old system and a bunch of personal stuff, mainly family). I'm happy to take part in the forums (and you can see I have already) but I also know peoples time is worth something and I'm happy to pay for a little bit too.
    My main email is [email protected] or just reach out via the forum.
  2. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Let's Encrypt should just work if Perfect Server Guide was followed when installing ISPConfig. Just click on the LE box in website settings and wait 2 minutes.
    If you want LE certificates for the ISPConfig panel, E-mail server, FTP-server etc. then there is excellent guide on how to achieve that:
    If LE is not working, use this to troubleshoot:
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    PHP curl extension gets installed as part of the perfect server guides, in case you missed installing it, the command for Debian 10 is:

    apt-get install php7.3-curl

    The software behind that is mailman, you can probably find a lot of documentation for it on the internet.

    You can reach the Billing Module support here:
    In general, there is not much to setup for billing, you enter you company details under Billing > settings > Company and start using it. The manual for the Billing module can be found here:
  4. Don Gould YourNet

    Don Gould YourNet New Member

    Hi Till, Covid19 lock down gave me some time to get back to this...
    php-curl is already the newest version (1:7.0+49)
    I did google mailman but didn't find a specific resource that explained how it's been implemented within the panel.

    Taleman thanks for the links. I confess I haven't been back for a good looks, I'll give it another crack.

    I do have to say I've been impressed with just how stable it all is though. I've been just tracking that initial site and it just hasn't been an issue which is fantastic! :)

    Thanks for the support guys.
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