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Discussion in 'Technical' started by msoolala, Dec 18, 2009.

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    I have a system that works on a sorting machine that uses an old modified version of devian which controls a series of motors. The IT guy from my company was trying to back it up using G4L and he accidentally (that's what he says) started doing the backup on the same disk :confused: He stopped the process abpout 5 seconds after he realized it but it was too late :-S now we have en error stating kernel panic error init = and it does not boot anymore. I have used TestDisk and used superblock to try to restore the filesystem, and I do get a lost and found file with all the information on it, but it does not have any order and I need the entire system to be up and running again. Any suggestions?
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    Sounds to me there's an IT spot becomming free at your work! ;-)

    Ehm, you're pretty much screwed i think, you could try hooking up in another server as 2nd harddrive and see what you can read/repair ..

    when you remove a partition table, the data on the disc is still there but your OS won't know what is where, you have tools that can figure out what belongs to what etc and you have companies that can restore hdd's.

    good luck with it.

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