Perfect Server 9.10 [ISPconfig] HEEELP

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  1. ArpSoft

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    I have a question about tutorial:

    I followed every single instruction given... Bu at the end, there isn't a single word about installing IPSconfig... There is only a link to ISPCOnfig site, but when i go there, under Ïnstallation Mannuals, for ubuntu 9.10, they are linking to above tutorial...

    Also, i cant access my server by entering ? Why is that so? Last time when i was installing Ubuntu 8.04 i was able to access it from my home network by entering and if you ask me whats my network configuration, it's:


    so, i should be able to access it bu entering

    Help me please, as i spent 3 hours in setting this thing up and as far as i can see, simple installation of 8.04 worked better than this.... :(
  2. falko

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    It's all explained on :


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