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  1. hlbyrdman

    hlbyrdman New Member

    Everything works fine up to step 8. Quota installs then

    touch /aquota.user /
    chmod 600 /aquota.*
    mount -o remount /
    quotacheck -avugm
    quotaon -avug

    on quotacheck -avugm I get "your kernel probably supports journaled quota but you are not using it Consider switching"....
    Warning quotafile was probably truncated cannot save quota settings....
    lstat cannot stat '//home/hlb/.gvs' permission denied
    Guess you better run fsck first

    when I attempt fsck it switches to e2fsck and I get warnings that I should not run it. Man pages say if I get the better not warning, then I better not..
    Any suggestions/
  2. cyberw

    cyberw New Member

    Anyone have any possible solutions to this?

    I have tried this FC12 ISP3 setup 4 times now, and all fail at the exact same command.

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  3. Ghostdare

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    Nevermind... wrong post (please delete it)
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