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    Just one question, as a brand new Linux user I followed the article to the letter. And I have to say it was brilliant. Everything worked, I understood everything as well until... I got to 4 Configure Online Repositories. I am kind of stumped on this one. The system boots up, I enter in my name and my password, no problem there but then as far as I can see in the article I need to type Run and then yast2, neither of which does anything.
    Is there something I am missing or maybe another article on how to run this thing in command line mode for total and utter noobs?
    Update: I installed 10.3 after this with the KDE option and then I remembered that I had skipped the suse updates in the article section because the machine was not connected to the internet. I am now wondering if this is why the Run command was not working.

    Any help would be appreciated and thanks again for such a well written article.
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    do not type "run"

    after you login using your username and password, you want to type in "yast2" (without quotes), then you should be able to follow the remainder of the how-to.

    If need be, you may need to login as root:

    then, roots password



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