Perfect server ubuntu 14.04 fcgid:error

Discussion in 'Technical' started by drahcir77, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. drahcir77

    drahcir77 New Member

    this is the error in my log file:
    [fcgid:error] [pid 2229] mod_fcgid: process /var/www/php-fcgi-scripts/web1/.php-fcgi-starter(2405) exit(communication error), get signal 11, possible coredump generated

    any idea of how I fix this problem ?:confused:
  2. Hello,

    You will have to check following point with your site, Most of the time this issues is occur due to php configuration.
    • Incorrect File/Folder Permissions,
    • Bad Code, or Incorrect Syntax in the .htaccess File, or...
    • Incorrect php.ini Configuration

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