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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by toolswizard, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. toolswizard

    toolswizard Member

    I have set up 2 server setup and all looks and works ok, except for Roundcube. I have checked the logs and do not have any errors. 2 accounts have been set up, and I had successfully logged in once, but not since.

    My observation is that I get a successful login as I get by the login page, and see the users Roundcube screen. I then get a message in the middle of the screen stating I have a invalid or expired session. Then back to the log in screen.

    I have search for 4 days on different solutions. Time Zones, Time Out, use_https, force_https, time difference between servers, mysql is on a separate server.

    I have deleted my session cookies in my browser, and removed the sessions from mysql.

    Is there any solution for this error?

    This is the first time I have installed Roundcube, usually I use SqirrelMail, can I replace Roundcube with SquirrelMail? Can they both be installed as long as I don't provide a /webmail alias?
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  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Dovecot is an imap server, squirrelmail is a webmail client. These are completely different software types and dovecot has no web interface where you can login to, so I guess you mix something completely up here. Maybe you mean roundcube, which is a webmail client like squirrelmail, and not dovecot?
  3. toolswizard

    toolswizard Member

    I did mean Roundcube. I was looking into Dovecot to see if there were any errors when I was doing the post. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. toolswizard

    toolswizard Member

    No answer to either question? The invalid or expired session seems to be an issue for most. I see post on how to replace Squirrel mail with Roundcube, but not the other way around, or if I can run them side by side.
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    An issue for most? Never had that issue on any server yet, squirrelmail as well as roundcube and dovecot are working without issues on my systems.

    You can replace one with the other or you can install both, no problem at all. They are simply mail clients and do not interfere with each other.
  6. toolswizard

    toolswizard Member

    I deleted my email account through ISPconfig, identities and session in the tables for RoundCube. I then recreated it, and I was able to login once. After that, I could not log in again and received the same error. I am going to install SquirrelMail and see what happens. Deleting the account would have me think this is a Dovecot issue after all.
  7. gexacor

    gexacor New Member

    Have you seen any related error in the logs, specifically Dovecot's?
    Unsuccessful login to the RoundCube should affects at least in the dovecot log there.
    Can you login locally using telnet to the localhost port 110 and try to retrieve your mailbox content? Take a look here for examples.
    You should be able to do that and also should see entries about permitted login in the dovecot log file.
  8. toolswizard

    toolswizard Member

    I loaded Squirrel Mail and i am able to access email through it. I intend on now downloading the VM appliance and comparing configurations and versions.

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