Perfect setup - debian sarge/etch

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    Perfect setup - debian sarge/etch - Suexec help!

    In the sarge setup (I believe it's section 18.1 in both) it's mentioned if we want to use suexec to change doc root to /var/www as this is where the deb suexec is compiled to look.

    In the etch setup it essentially says the same thing but goes on to say:

    "Unless you install ISPConfig in expert mode and change the default web root (which is /var/www), you will be able to run CGI scripts under suExec with ISPConfig. The following screenshot is taken from an ISPConfig installation in expert mode. If you want to use ISPConfig, then don't change the default web root."

    What? I'm actually having problems w/ cgi right now, not running under correct users. From reading that snippet from the Etch install I think what's being said is that I shouldn't have changed the default web root to /var/www from /home/www (which is the default, not /var/www, no??) ISPConfig implements suexec??

    I guess what I'm asking is - if what I think this says is the case, why mention installing suexec at all and changing /var/www if ISPConfig compiles suexec to work correctly with /home/www ? No ? Help! :D

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    ISPConfig doesn't implement suExec.

    At the time I wrote the Sarge tutorial, ISPConfig always used /home/www as its default directory (unless you changed that during the ISPConfig installation). That's why I say you should use /var/www during the ISPConfig installation if you want to use suExec.

    Later on we changed the ISPConfig installer so that /var/www is now the default directory, which means suExec should work unless you specify another directory during ISPconfig installation. :)
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