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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by janvl, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. janvl

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    I have ubuntu 18.04 with isp3 - php 7.2 and php-fpm.
    Where is php error.log?
    Or where do I set the path, would lik it with the /clientx/ ?

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  2. till

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  3. janvl

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    Corrected, I mixup languages now and then . . .
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  4. till

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    PHp errors are written to the apache error.log, you find the log in the log folder of the website.
  5. janvl

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    Thanks! And sorry for mixing up german.
  6. janvl

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    I have an error installing matomo (used to be piwik).
    The cause is a problem with permissions, but I have not yet figured out what exactly.

    /log and /ssl have permissions 0 / 0 the other directories 5013 / client1
    ist that supposed to be so?

  7. Taleman

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    I do not know what permission 0/0 means. Please cut and paste the output of
    ls -lh
    and preferably in CODE tags so it is readable.
    How did you install matomo?
  8. janvl

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    Hi, thanks for your reaction -
    the permissions 0 / 0 (net2ftp shows a zero for root) for /ssl/ and /log/ is
    user root
    group root
    the rest is
    user web11
    group client1

    As you can see this is the 11th Domain/Subdomain, the rest went without problems, CMS and "handmade" PHP sites.

    I installed Matomo with its own installer it shows all prerequisites are met, a move from another server gave me more problems but as it was just a test I installed new.
    I took this rootserver because I wanted to put my own sites/demosites/etc apart from my customers and I have had ISPConfig installed once and liked it.

  9. Taleman

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    Using SSH would be much easier, in my opinion.
    I guess you mean the website directory, that has subdirectories web/ , log/ and ssl/, among others. That 0/0 is not permissions, it is owner and group owner. ssl/ and log/ should have owner root and group root, so it is OK on your site.
    If you now see web11 as owner and client1 as group for the web/ directory, that is the way it should be. Previously you wrote you saw a number there, that would indicate something wrong if the owner or group is not known on the system.
  10. janvl

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    I run net2ftp as a filemanager that fits pretty good to ISPConfig, the thread on the discussion is here

    net2ftp has its own way of showing the permissions the zero stands for root.
    I use ssh (midnight commander) and net2ftp both.

    The problem with Matomo seems something different, I hang in an incomplete install of the database.
    This is discussed in the Matomo-forum.

    Anyway I have clear now what the structure of the subdirectories is and where I find the errorlog for PHP.

    This is a great forum, in a while I may be able to help others too.

    Kind regards,
  11. janvl

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    The problem was a hickup in the server!

    After a restart everything was back to normal, I found it because "apt-get update" did not work.
    I must see that I check the server regularly.


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