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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Stephan Ververda, Jun 25, 2018.

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    I'm trying to figure something out wether or not it has an impact on server resources or not.

    I'm using nginx with php-fpm for all vhosts. In the default setup the php extensions (with the exception of the zend extensions i think) are loaded from php-fpm.conf. This file is being called from the php-fpm master process. Now i know it's possible to create a seperate conf.d folder per php-fpm pool and call them each separately from their own pool config files. This would mean commenting out the include in the php-fpm.conf.
    As far as i can see this would be the best solution in giving clients the possibility in their own vhost to disable or enable certain extensions.

    However what i have tried to figure out by googling but not finding it YET :).. is wether or not this setup has impact on server resources. I'm guessing that in the current setup the extensions are loaded only once from the master process and then being called from each seperate pool and that in the above setup it would actually load the extensions for each seperate pool that is running on the server. Is that a correct assumption or am i being wrong here and it is already loaded per pool?
  2. Stephan Ververda

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    Dear TannaLDietrich... i have seen you make 4 posts so far on this forum, 2 of them bumping very very old topics (one of 2008 and one of 2014) and both replies kind of miss the point and surely are not accurately helping in solving the problem.
    The other 2 posts (on my topic and one on an MySQL topic) don't make any sense at all. So please don't reply to any other topic unless it's current and it's helpfull to the original topic!

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