PHP-FPM tcp-ports or sockets (on RHEL)

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    Hi all.

    After having to install scl-stuff (we needed PHP5.6 on RHEL7) and relinking 1 or 2 things, we managed to get ispconfig somewhat working.
    Problem is that while trying to do php-fpm, adding clients results in clients trying to connect their php-pages to FPM-ports (9012,13,14,...).
    Sadly, FPM-config is not being altered the same way is the VHOSTS are configged, resulting in 503s, service unavailable.

    So, couple of thoughts:
    * How are we supposed to config php-fpm for working ports (please tell me there is way to automate :) ).
    * Could we instead config the vhosts to use a file-socket like "/var/run/ispconfig/clientX.webX.socket"?
    * which one is the best / fastest / ...?

    Could you advise?

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