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    I've written a simple photo gallery and now am in need of making a simple "before" and "after" links to let people view previous and next photos sorted by date.
    My MySQL gallery table contains: id, name, description, category_id, date, filename, views.

    The date field is a datetime. It contains date and time in this format: 2010-01-09 18:11:46

    I need to read one previous and one next id of the photo using a given date (correct me if I'm wrong):

    $query = "SELECT * FROM `gallery` WHERE `date` < `".$actual_photo_date."` AND `category_id`=".$category." LIMIT 1;";
    $prev = mysql_query(mysql_real_escape_string($query));
    $prevrecord = mysql_fetch_assoc($prev);
    $prev = $prevrecord['id'];
    It returns an error: Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in ....

    What am I doing wrong ? What's wrong with the query ? Should I surround $actual_photo_date in ' or " or maybe ` signs ?

    Thanks for the help.
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    I've solved the problem.
    I've converted the "date" field from "datetime" to "int" and also converted the dates to php Unix timestamp. The rest is:

    $previous = mysql_query(mysql_real_escape_string("SELECT * FROM `gallery` WHERE `date` > ".$date." AND `category`=".$category." ORDER BY `date` ASC LIMIT 1;"));
    $prevrecord = mysql_fetch_assoc($previous);
    $previous = $prevrecord['id'];
    $next = mysql_query(mysql_real_escape_string("SELECT * FROM `gallery` WHERE `date` < ".date." AND `category`=".$category." ORDER BY `date` DESC LIMIT 1;"));
    $nextrecord = mysql_fetch_assoc($next);
    $next = $nextrecord['id'];
    Now everything is working as expected.

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