PHP page can't write file to /web folder

Discussion in 'General' started by jnewman67, Dec 28, 2021.

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    Perfect Server CentOS 8, ISPConfig 3.2.6, fully updated, using Mod-PHP setting
    I have a website defined and working - PHP files that access a MySql database, no issues.
    wanted to have a PHP file generate some output and store it into a file saved within the same folder as the PHP file, using
    file_put_contents($path . $filename, $content);
    where $path is a valid path created using the $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] variable with a hardcoded folder name added to it. I've copy/pasted the resulting path into the command line with a CD command, and it works - it's valid.
    The permissions on the folder have been set to web15.client11 using "chown -R web15.client11" on the folder - the results match all the other folders in the web directory. this folder is also in the root /web of the website - no parent folders that should be a problem.
    However, the PHP file gets a permissions error when trying to save the contents to the desired path/file when called from a browser:
     PHP Warning:  file_put_contents(/var/www/ failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/clients/client11/web15/web/myfolder/myphpfile.php on line 76
    where line 76 is the file_put_contents command above.
    When I run "php myphpfile.php" from the command line within that folder, it works and creates the desired file with the desired content in it, though I am logged in as root.

    I was just about to submit this question, when I realized I never searched the ISPConfig forum for the file_put_contents command. Doing so, I found a post that referenced the following:
    As stated above, I was using Mod-PHP - switched it to Fast-CGI, and it's working (already had suExec checked)

    Thanks for the forum and the answers!
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    And that's the reason for your issue. Do not use mod_php anymore today and never use mod_php for cms systems that like to write files to the web folder. Today you should always use the most modern PHP to web server binding which is PHP-FPM. Suexec is not working with mod_php anyway.
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  3. jnewman67

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    Never said thank you for the fix on this. Thank you - that was the issue. I switched to PHP-FPM and things started working right away.

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