PHP "Resource Limits" Abuse?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by domino, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. domino

    domino New Member

    Hi all,

    What implications are there if I raise PHP Resource Limits to something like:

    max_execution_time = 180
    memory_limit = 256M 
    This is a dedicated server with 2gig DDR and C2D proc. I have enough resources to change the limits to anything I want because there is only one site hosted on it.

    I am running WordPress on it that errors (error log) asking to raise both execution time and memory every week or so. WordPress is using a customized template heavily interacting with MySQL.

    I don't know when I should say enough is enough, and go with another web application or template. What would you guys do in my case?
  2. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    That depends on your web traffic, but a php application using more that 128MB definitely should be in the trash can. Full webmail suits like horde only recommend 32MB for php.
  3. domino

    domino New Member

    thanks for the reply topdog. I was arguing with the template developer about the resource requirements. WordPress isn't the culprit in this case. It's the template they are developing which calls MySQL and requiring too much resources. I up the resource limit, after a few days or a week, I get time execute or memory cap error message again.

    I just need a general consensus on upping the limit that high.

    That's what concerns me. At this time, they are only developing the template and very little traffic from clients and customers. I still receive the error when they add data to the teplates. I'm assuming that when real traffic from real clients pours in, I'm going to have to up the limits again. The question is, at what point do I say enough?
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